Billboards & Spring Photography

I love this time of the year with the cool weather and the rain. Everything’s starting to come alive and green up and it’s just beautiful! After watering the yard the other day, I saw the water droplets on the tree just glowing in the sunset and I just had to capture a shot or two.

blog_IMG_7546-769714(pp_w768_h512) Billboards & Spring Photography Commercial Nature Our Life

Click on the picture to see a larger version of it and check out the reversed image in the water droplet. You can see a tiny inversed image of the tree’s branches quite clearly. I love seeing the beauty in such simple everyday things.

I was surprised yesterday when driving home I noticed one of our photos up on a billboard! It’s always rewarding to see your own work in everyday life. The billboard photo was one from a session with former District Attorney Wes Lane last year during his campaign for re-election. (Just ignore the Sonic sign. =)

blog_IMG_7835-761519 Billboards & Spring Photography Commercial Nature Our Life
The Spring season is kicking off in full steam shortly. We have sessions booked through May already and still have room for more, so give us a call if you’ve been putting it off for any reason.

Also, we’ve expanded wedding photography services to accommodate almost any budget!

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