Laura’s family bought her a portrait session for her birthday, and as a congratulations on successfully completing all of her training to become a hair professional!

(You can’t imagine how long I spent trying to come up with the right words for that… I hope I’m saying that right, Laura! Let me know if I’m not. =)

Anyway, it was an awesome thing for her family to do, because Laura is a natural in front of the camera, and we had a great time photographing her. Here are a handful of my favorites from the session:

LB_8853(pp_w480_h719) Laura Lifestyle LB_8871(pp_w768_h512) Laura Lifestyle LB_8907(pp_w768_h512) Laura Lifestyle LB_8924(pp_w480_h719) Laura Lifestyle LB_8938(pp_w768_h512) Laura Lifestyle LB_8944(pp_w480_h719) Laura Lifestyle LB_8953(pp_w768_h512) Laura Lifestyle LB_8956(pp_w768_h512) Laura Lifestyle LB_8975(pp_w768_h512) Laura Lifestyle LB_8977(pp_w480_h719) Laura Lifestyle LB_8987(pp_w768_h512) Laura Lifestyle LB_8999(pp_w480_h719) Laura Lifestyle LB_9060(pp_w768_h512) Laura Lifestyle LB_9067(pp_w480_h719) Laura Lifestyle

Happy birthday, and congrats, Laura! Maybe we’ll get to work with you at weddings sometime down the road!  =)

Friends and family of Laura’s can view her entire online gallery using her last name as the gallery’s passcode.

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