Wow, time’s flown! The weather has been just gorgeous, so we’ve been busy photographing and also trying to enjoy the nice weather ourselves. We actually packed up the family and went tent camping for a few days last week. Yes, even with our 9-month-old! She did great, in fact, and we just loved the time away from all of the stresses, pressures, distractions, etc. of everyday life for a few days. The only bad thing is trying to catch up when we return. I still have a few calls to make and lots of projects to finish for clients.

Here’s one we wrapped up today for Joe, a high school senior this year. Enjoy a few of our favorites!

JBla_7321(pp_w480_h719) Joe Seniors JBla_7348(pp_w768_h512) Joe Seniors JBla_7352(pp_w480_h719) Joe Seniors JBla_7267(pp_w480_h719) Joe Seniors JBla_7374(pp_w768_h512) Joe Seniors JBla_7379(pp_w768_h512) Joe Seniors JBla_7433(pp_w768_h512) Joe Seniors JBla_7446(pp_w480_h719) Joe Seniors

Family and friends can see Joe’s entire gallery, using his last name as the gallery’s passcode. Then you’ll also have the opportunity to buy any professional prints you might like.

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