Ana is a senior this year, and we really enjoyed spending an hour with her and her Mom to capture some great photos for her senior pictures. She has such a great, natural smile!

Here are a few of our favorites from the session, with a link at the end to the entire online gallery if you’d like to see more.

AnSe_7962(pp_w480_h719) Ana Seniors AnSe_7979(pp_w768_h512) Ana Seniors AnSe_7998(pp_w768_h512) Ana Seniors AnSe_8015(pp_w768_h512) Ana Seniors

And now for my personal favorite below… What do you think? Do you like a different one better?

AnSe_8035(pp_w768_h512) Ana Seniors AnSe_8071(pp_w480_h719) Ana Seniors AnSe_8157(pp_w480_h719) Ana Seniors AnSe_8201(pp_w480_h719) Ana Seniors AnSe_8252(pp_w768_h512) Ana Seniors AnSe_8342(pp_w480_h719) Ana Seniors

So, we were really finished with the session, when we had the idea of letting her get in the water and splash around a bit. Ana’s Mom loved the idea, because Ana’s a bit of a tomboy sometimes, and it really fit her personality. Loved the dozen or so that we captured in the water! Here are just two of our favorites…

AnSe_8399(pp_w480_h719) Ana Seniors AnSe_8412(pp_w480_h719) Ana Seniors

Family and friends who know Ana can view the entire online gallery if you know her last name to use as the gallery’s passcode.

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