The Klima Family

I hope you’re enjoying the rainy weather as much as we are! We have a fire crackling and I’m editing in my office as the rain hits the window. I love this weather, provided I don’t have to be out in it! We need the rain, so although we had to reschedule a shoot because of it, we’re grateful for the precipitation to keep the plants and trees alive. I just planted some evergreen ivy yesterday to hide a retaining wall, so I’m hoping this helps those plantings to take root! They didn’t do so well in August when I tried last. =)

Here are some favorites from the Klima family. Turns out, Holly’s side of the family is related to them through the Boren family… Small world!

Aren’t her eyes amazing? Love that last picture…  Friends and family, feel free to check out the rest of their pictures, if you know Mrs. Klima’s first name. =)

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