Rickyโ€™s 30th

We had the opportunity to have a really fun session with Ricky last week, in celebration of his 30th birthday. For our regular blog followers, this is the same Ricky who married Courtney earlier this year as featured in this blog post back in April.

We got some fun photos in their Northwest OKC neighborhood, starting in their giant gazebo, then at the playground (where Ricky & Courtneyโ€™s true colors come out, I might add! =), by a fountain, in a field, smashing a pinata, poking a bit of fun at Rickyโ€™s sister, and dunking on the basketball court. We ended up with so many great images, but Iโ€™ve narrowed down a few of our favorites to share here.

Ricky_6084(pp_w768_h512) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle Ricky_6100(pp_w768_h512) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle Ricky_6103(pp_w768_h512) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle Ricky_6107(pp_w768_h512) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle Ricky_6115(pp_w480_h719) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle

Okay, I knowโ€ฆ a lot of swinging pictures, but they were just SO cute!! Love you guysโ€ฆ

And then Ricky got some massive air jumping off the swing!

Ricky_6126(pp_w480_h719) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle Ricky_6162(pp_w768_h512) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle Ricky_6240(pp_w768_h512) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle

Then we hit the court and Ricky got to show off a bit with some really amazing skies behind him.

Ricky_6338(pp_w768_h512) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle Ricky_6371(pp_w768_h512) Ricky's 30th Lifestyle

Friends and family can view the rest of the images by using Rickyโ€™s last name as the password to view the online gallery.

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