Josh & Lindsey’s Wedding :: A Sneak Preview

For what may be the first time ever, we’re caught up and able to actually give a sneak preview immediately after a wedding! Let’s consider this our new standard for weddings going forward. =)

Saturday, we all expected storms, but it turned out to be the most beautiful, pleasant day! Here are several of our favorites from the day… Hope you enjoy them!

Josh getting ready

Something about the following image really pulls me in… It was just before the ceremony and Lindsey’s hands were almost speaking of her eagerness to get the ceremony going! =)

Church ladies everywhere will hate us for this shot! This was not my idea, I promise. And I refrained from blogging the “Pew Surfing” shot they wanted. =)

This shirt cracked me up. First thing at the reception, this guy peels off his dress shirt to reveal this nugget of wisdom and encouragement. =)

After the wedding, Josh & Lindsey were cool enough to let me capture a few outside images with them. The ceremony and reception went really quickly, so they wanted to maximize that time with guests. It worked out just perfectly!

Congratulations, Josh & Lindsey! It was a pleasure and honor to be your wedding photographer! Have a great time in Hawaii… One of these days I’ll get out there myself. I think Myrtle Beach, SC, and Playa del Carmen are next on the list. I love the beach!!

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