Sara & Brian’s Wedding Preview

We’re working on Sara & Brian’s wedding and wanted to share a few since Sara has been so patiently waiting for them! Here are some of our favorites with 600 more coming soon to an online gallery near you! =) **EDITED: The gallery is now ONLINE! Check out all 831 images here!

Brian and his mother share a moment together as he seats her to start off the ceremony.

Beautiful day for a wedding in front of a waterfall, no? =)

It was apparent all day how much these two were into each other. I love capturing moments like these!

And this one…

The chances of capturing the exact moment the adorable flower girl’s camera flash went off: probably about 1 in 50,000.

Besides the flower girl, I had some tough competition with this little guy, too. I love how serious he is! First a landscape shot…

…and then mixing it up with a portrait-oriented shot!

These two little girls were dancing like pros!

Sara’s dad with his granddaughter, if I’m not mistaken. Nobody could resist her smile!

A very enthusiastic “grand departure!”

Thanks for stopping by! Time to run out to 2 meetings… Is there a backpack rack for mounting a Mac Pro and two 24″ monitors? =)

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