The Dean Family

Our friends (and neighbors) Jenny & Brad were ready for family pictures and I think we got some really fun images for them. Here are a few of my faves…

Dean_0271-703786 The Dean Family Families
Dean_0597-782878 The Dean Family Families
Dean_0603-754952 The Dean Family Families
Dean_0606-754918 The Dean Family Families
Dean_0646-731046 The Dean Family Families
Dean_0611-731081 The Dean Family Families
I love how this little guy loved to be in his daddy’s arms, and I pictured this image right away when I saw him head over to his daddy during the session.

Dean_0381-703744 The Dean Family Families
Isn’t it gorgeous outside? Holly and the girls are enjoying the backyard today… Planting a sunflower house (take 3!) and weeding the backyard. The front yard is my hobby, stress-relief and pastime, so there’s not a weed to be seen. I like to pace while on the phone, so weeding works nicely for me! =)

And we’re trying our hand at growing some herbs. We bought a huge rosemary plant at the Edmond farmer’s market on Saturday morning and it smells SO good! It’ll be fun to see if we can actually keep it alive so we can cook using our own herbs!

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