Meet Holli

Just a few faves from a recent session with one of our colorful seniors! Iโ€™m sure sheโ€™s never heard that one before, huh? I blame my mother for my sense of humor and Iโ€™d be happy if you would, too. =)

I heard a really good quote the other day that went something like โ€œthe downside to having great parents is you canโ€™t blame them for anything.โ€ I finally found something to blame my Mom for!

holliy_6888-786952 Meet Holli Seniors
holliy_6768-786982 Meet Holli Seniors
holliy_6955-752294 Meet Holli Seniors
holliy_6918-752324 Meet Holli Seniors
holliy_7042-720062 Meet Holli Seniors
holliy_7142-720093 Meet Holli Seniors
Thanks for keeping up with what weโ€™ve been up to! More coming soonโ€ฆ Itโ€™s our busy season, so thereโ€™s no lack of images to share. Now, off to bed!

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