The Williams Kiddos

Just wanted to share some favorites from a session we just finished editing.

Love this image of her skipping along the rocks…

It was tough to get a serious face…

…when really they actually were such hams!

Our faves are always the images showing love and interaction like the next few images.

Isn’t this weather just delightful? I heard that tomorrow is going to be quite a contrast, but it sure is a sweet taste of Spring to have such nice weather.

It’s funny how the warm weather prompts everyone that it’s time for portraits this time of the year. We got from zero calls average per day to about a dozen or more. =) Honestly, if we got more than that, we’d probably have to hire an administrative assistant.

Food for thought… How long has it been since you had professional portraits done? Time flies! I was thinking recently that photography is, in one sense, a luxury item because it’s easy to put off or buy cheaply. In reality, though, I think photography and photographs are among the most valuable things in our lives, when you remember that they top the list of things you would most likely think to save in a house fire.

Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s day! Holly and I did date night with Ted’s Cafe Escondido’s fajita chicken enchiladas and a full pint each of their queso and salsa. We have yet to finish the enchiladas. =)

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