Personal Pics from the Park Today

Wow, what a wonderful February this has been! I couldn’t resist taking the kids to the park and getting some fun shots of them today. Here are a few of my faves, but we blogged about 20 on the girls’ blog if you want to check out some more.

Love this one of Storie with Mamma in the background watching.

Oh my goodness… why can’t we have this expression all the time! =)

My honeybun, looking fiiiiiine as usual!

It was really fun to get out and just shoot for fun again. When the business gets really busy like it does every year from Spring to Fall, I almost don’t want to pick up the camera in January and February. Shooting for fun allows us to try new things and shoot in conditions we normally wouldn’t (like the shots above, all taken mid-day) so it stretches and inspires us, and that’s always a very good thing. =)

Actually, constantly testing new ideas the situations is one of the biggest points I’m taking home with me after attending WPPI last week. It was overwhelming in every way with thousands of vendors and over 10,000 attendees, parties every evening and sessions starting early every morning. I think I got about 12 hours’ sleep total for the 5 days I was there, but it was so worth it. I met so many of our favorite photographers and got to chat with many of the best photographers in the world. I’m excited at the difference it’s going to bring about in our work and workflow, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Oh, and in case you noticed, we disabled music from our website. I guess the main reason is that we didn’t really have permission to use the music commercially and technically it’s a copyright violation. Now, that’s not good business to expect our customers to respect our copyrights when we weren’t with the music on our site, right? Honestly, it wasn’t something we gave much thought to, but I heard that it was an extreme irritation/pet-peeve to some other photographers and I really hate to be an irritation. So, no need to turn down your music any more when you visit our site! Crank it up and create a mood with your own favorite tunes!

I would be really grateful to know what you think, though, if you miss the music or if you don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I know site music can be a real irritation if you already have tunes playing. I’m considering buying some commercially licensed music (no muzak, I promise!) if everyone really misses the music.

So let us know! Very gratefully, C&H; (yep, like the sugar =)

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