Zagg’s Invisible Shield Screen (etc.) Protectors

I just picked up a couple of LCD screen/scratch protectors from for our cameras and I was impressed by how many products can benefit from their Invisible Shield protectors. After placing my order, they gave me two one-time-use discount codes to share with friends, so I thought I’d share them with you in case you have something you’d like to protect! (Think cameras, iPhones, computers… anything with a screen.)

So, here you go! 5v9nk7 and q3wcr8 are the two codes. They’re only good for one use, so you might leave a comment if you use one so other readers don’t try to use one if it’s already been used.

By the way, have you ever checked out to find discount codes and online coupons? I just found a 50% coupon for on there… SHOWSP09 is the code and it just worked for me!

If you’ve never heard of Zagg or seen their amazing demo, check it out. It’s pretty impressive…


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