Too Many Blog Subscriptions…

In this age, there is no shortage of info/knowledge on hand, begging to be taken in. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to take it all in. Well, after weeks of catching up, I’ve finally read every blog post that I had subscribed to and I have no unread blog posts pending! Ahh… It’s a great feeling.

It’s also a wake-up call to pare down the 120 subscriptions I had collected over the last year or two. So, I’ve unsubscribed from a few and I’ll try to keep it better under control. There are just so many interesting blogs out there that it’s hard to unsubscribe! =)

Picture-2-731087 Too Many Blog Subscriptions... Techie Stuff Our Life
Okay, it’s 4AM and I’m finally heading to bed! What a weekend… =)