Snug-Its and Otterboxes

I’ve had recent experiences with two really ingenious products that I thought I’d share with you. No, I don’t get any kind of residuals or kickbacks from these plugs, I just enjoy passing along tips on cool products. =)

The first is an ingenious silicone jacket for your digital camera, called a Snug-It. I bought one of these inexpensive protectors a few months ago for our little pocket camera (a Canon SD800IS, but they sell them for every brand!) and it has successfully protected it from drops, bumps and other forms of torture and abuse! Here’s what they look like if you’re having trouble picturing it.

product_headers_snug-it-three Snug-Its and Otterboxes Techie Stuff
The second really great product is a case for the iPhone made by Otterbox. I got the Defender case, which isn’t waterproof, but it’s pretty much shock-proof and has a screen protector. They make cases for iPods, Blackberries, Palms, etc. They’re probably the best cases I’ve ever seen and they seem to be having a bargain bin sale going on, too, with lots of great cases to popular devices. They retail for about $50 each, but I was able to pick one up for about half that at my local electronics wholesaler. Here’s what my case looks like…

1940-20.4.4 Snug-Its and Otterboxes Techie Stuff
Anyway, just wanted to pass along that info in case it was of any help to any of you! I love hearing about new, innovative and useful products, so if you have any to share, feel free to leave a comment!

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