A Great Birthday :: 35!

Yesterday was one of my best birthdays ever. I heard from so many old friends that it really made the day (and me =) feel special. Holly spoiled me again with my favorite breakfast – strawberry crepes – and we were able to have a nice long date over steak dinner and then enjoy Australia, the movie, at the new all digital theater in town.

So, thanks to everyone who dropped a line, called, Facebooked, etc. — you all had a part in making it a really great birthday! It didn’t quite hit 73 degrees today like they were forecasting, but it’s still been a really mild weekend for December and I’ll accept that as a little birthday gift. =)

In the last couple of weeks, Holly was able to get lots of new photos up to help decorate our own house and not just everyone else’s! =) It’s funny how it works that way… how does the saying go? The cobbler’s kids don’t have shoes? =) Well, we’re all set for photos now, with beautifully hung pictures and frames from the bedroom hallway all the way through the living room and kitchen. What a rewarding project!

We have a ton to do before the holidays, so it’s going to be another very busy week. We’ve managed to stay caught up on holiday cards for our customers, but we’re behind on wedding retouching and are doing our best to catch up before the holidays.

That’s pretty much the news in these parts! Be safe with all of the crazed shoppers out there this time of the year! Ordering prints or gift cards from our website would be safer and less hassle. =)

Actually, I seriously should have blogged about our new gift cards a few weeks ago. Oh well! If you have someone on your list who could use one, we do have new gift cards available. The website says “gift certificates” still, but you can order the new gift cards here if you like.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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