Blogging: Feast and Famine

In case you haven’t noticed, when things get really busy it’s easy for us to skip blogging for several weeks on end. We don’t forget the blog, it just gets prioritized behind other important things like sleeping, eating and working. =) We’ve had a few days of blogging every day now and I’ve read about many others who blog every day no matter what. They make it a priority.

So I’d like your feedback! How often is right? I think once every couple of weeks is definitely not enough, but is once a day too much? And I’m not talking about from a work point of view, but from an interested reader’s point of view. We’d like to hear from you on the subject of how often you’d like to hear from us! =)

So, leave us a comment or drop us an email while you’re thinking of it and let us know what you think. We’d be grateful!

And while I have you, I won’t leave you without one of our recent images to look at. Here’s one from Chris & Brandy’s wedding in Texas a few weekends ago. Okay, I can’t decide on just one…. Here are four. =)

I just loved the emotion of the last image of Chris dancing with his mother.

Thanks for checking in and we wish you a wonderful weekend! Should be a busy one for us… More on that later!

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