Too Busy!

Hey, everyone! Just a quick note to say that weโ€™re still here, just so busy that itโ€™s been hard to find time to blog. Last week we had three sessions in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area while we were there for David Jayโ€™s Freedom Tour/seminar.

It was a packed few days, but itโ€™s always good to invest in our business, especially when itโ€™s along the lines of what David Jay was talking about โ€” efficiency and freedom in our business and personal lives. Iโ€™m excited about what we learned and have a lot to implement in the coming days. The biggest resulting change is going to be quicker turnaround times on our photos, especially weddings, so weโ€™re excited about that. Weโ€™ve been trying to do that for about a year now, but we learned some new ideas to help us with that endeavor.

Anyway, weโ€™ll try to find some time this week to post some of our favorites from the recent week or two. Thanks for checking in even when sometimes we go for a couple of weeks without posting! Weโ€™re really grateful for the visits. =)

Have a great Sunday!!

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