The Perfect Saturday!

After many weekends of weddings, it’s always a wonderful feeling to have a free Saturday. Well, it’s not totally free because I do have a session tonight, but compared to a wedding, an engagement session is gravy! =)

So, after gratuitously sleeping in WAY too late, we’re heading out to grab a bite and then to Frontier City to see how the little girls like our very own little “Disney World” here in OKC. =)

Last night, we did a swap-out session with Ada photographer Jeff Barron. He needed some updated photos for his site, blog, etc. and Holly and I never get photos of the two of us together, so it was a real treat.

Here are two of our faves. I’d post more but they’re loading up and waiting for me, so I’ll have to post more later!

JeffBarron_5394-726721 The Perfect Saturday! Our Life
JeffBarron_5787-727002 The Perfect Saturday! Our Life
Thanks Jeff! Had a great time hanging out with you and the other cool OK wedding photographers that made it to Red Pin last night. Let’s do that again next time we get several days of rain.