The Perfect Saturday!

After many weekends of weddings, itโ€™s always a wonderful feeling to have a free Saturday. Well, itโ€™s not totally free because I do have a session tonight, but compared to a wedding, an engagement session is gravy! =)

So, after gratuitously sleeping in WAY too late, weโ€™re heading out to grab a bite and then to Frontier City to see how the little girls like our very own little โ€œDisney Worldโ€ here in OKC. =)

Last night, we did a swap-out session with Ada photographer Jeff Barron. He needed some updated photos for his site, blog, etc. and Holly and I never get photos of the two of us together, so it was a real treat.

Here are two of our faves. Iโ€™d post more but theyโ€™re loading up and waiting for me, so Iโ€™ll have to post more later!

Thanks Jeff! Had a great time hanging out with you and the other cool OK wedding photographers that made it to Red Pin last night. Letโ€™s do that again next time we get several days of rain.

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