Chris's Senior Session in Guthrie, Oklahoma

Wow, I’m on a roll… Two blog posts in one hour! =) Just wanted to share a couple of favorites from our recent Guthrie senior session. I’m really liking that town for photos… It’s a bit farther (farther… further… Ah, here’s the usage rule) to drive for us than our typical downtown sessions, but it’s fun to find new places. Plus, any Guthrie or far North Edmond seniors may find it more convenient to meet up there than in OKC.

I love it when we’re able to use something spontaneous or unexpected for a great picture, like this train passing by. I told Chris he may be able to use this for his next album cover. =) What a cool sky, too! That’s one of the benefits to shooting when there’s a chance of storms.

I call this one Alley With Randomly Placed Chair. No, I’m kidding, I don’t name my photos, although lots of great photographers do. Am I digging myself a hole here? =) I just like the gritty feel to this picture. Chris’s jeans were perfect for it, too.

And now just a random personal note. Have you ever heard of singer Brandi Carlile? I’ve been really enjoying one of her songs the last few days — it’s called “The Story.” You can check it out on YouTube here. What genre would this be… Anybody know? I tend to like mellower songs sung by harder groups. I’m pretty sure there’s not a genre for that and it’s really too bad because I think it’d be really popular. =)

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