Chris & Brandy :: Engaged!

We were totally surprised by Chris’s out-of-the-blue phone call. Chris & I (Christian typing here) worked together in a Chicago purchasing department years ago and we both went our separate ways about 7 or 8 years ago: Chris as a professional student (at least that’s how I like to rib him) and I went off to live in Australia and pursue random adventures and crazy life goals that are better attempted before settling down with a family. =)

So, Chris called because had was recently engaged and was looking for a wedding photographer to capture their big day! We had their date open, so we finalized the agreement and headed down to Texas to do their engagement session at the most impressive Gaylord Texan just North of Dallas. What an amazing place!

It was SO easy to get lost in the beautiful architecture and gardens. Hours passed before we realized it and I couldn’t narrow down my favorites to fewer than these fifteen — sorry! =)

There’s just something romantic about fountains.

Okay, I have to comment on the above picture. It’s just too funny to see these Texans make one of the universal OU symbols quite accidentally. After we pointed it out, we had to redo the entire shot. =)

Then we shuttled over to the Glass Cactus where the staff were awesome and accommodating to our crazy idea of shooting in their VIP area. =) We had some sweet skies and light going on outside, so we just HAD to make it happen!

If I had to choose a photo to describe the feeling we want our customers to have while we’re shooting engagement pictures, this would have to be it. You guys were awesome!

Did ya notice the rainbow in the above picture?
I just love this image… Time to relax!
Looking over the lake

Thanks so much for stopping by and keeping up with the latest! Time to head out to our session for this evening… Headshots for a forward-thinking image consultan
t. I always thought that would be a really cool job. (Ever see Disney’s The Kid, with Bruce Willis? One of my faves…)

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