The Blog is Back!

Our blog was temporarily down today (Iโ€™m not sure for how long) due to masses of folks checking out Wes & Serenaโ€™s wedding photos. Over 1 million people visited in the last day and it overloaded our hosting servers.

Okay, thatโ€™s just a joke. Blogger had some kind of issue that corrupted the main page so I had to republish it. A HUGE thank you to Wes Anderson for letting me know the blog was down!!! I donโ€™t check our own site or blog regularly, so Iโ€™d have never known without being told. Weโ€™re always grateful to be notified if you see that somethingโ€™s not working properly or if we need to correct a typo or something.

Iโ€™m visiting my brother for a few days and we had a great time at Yosemite yesterday. Can you believe that between the three of us (Dad, Sean and I) none of us had a camera better than our cell phones? =) So, I grabbed a few images on my cell phone to share. Theyโ€™re not very good and they certainly donโ€™t do justice to the place, but it was too beautiful to not try. =)

(pardon the cell phone photo quality โ€“ and I donโ€™t have Photoshop with me, either! =)

These were both taken on our hike up to the top of Vernal Falls. The view was breathtaking!

Have a fun and safe Independence Day!

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