Laci & Sean's Wedding, part 2

I’m back from visiting my brother Sean in California. We had such a great time! It was the first-ever Sangree father/sons trip for us.

Dad met me in Dallas and we flew together out to the Fresno/Yosemite airport. I think we had more fun on that flight than anyone else on the airplane. Neither of us is into crossword puzzles, so when we ran out of in-flight magazine Sudoku puzzles, we were both laughing as we turned to the crossword puzzle and started filling it in. I actually got a few right, but we quickly lost interest and just decided to try to fill it all in, which turned out to be much more fun after all. =)

Somehow, after staying up all night packing and tying up loose ends, I forgot to pack the trusty Canon SD800IS point-and-shoot camera. What a bummer! We were in some of the most beautiful country in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks and with only my cell phone camera! Actually, Sean brought his waterproof point-and-shoot so we did get some shots better than my camera phone. Now, if he will just email some to me, I’ll post them!

And now for some photos! Here are some favorites from Laci and Sean’s wedding at Walnut Creek Chapel.

The dressing room had some great light for this closeup while she was getting ready.

The bride looking stunning and taking advantage of the great light outside.

The groom and his men, of course. =)

Just as the ceremony started, the sun started shining through the big windows at the back of the church, making for some great, dramatic lighting! I love this one of the flower girls.

And then heaven opened and Laci entered! =) At least that’s what Sean must have been thinking when he saw this…

Fast forward 20 minutes and it’s party time! Actually, I stole them for a few minutes to get some great photos outside while the sun was setting.

The bride’s dance with her father. I just love capturing these moments of expressed emotion!

The groom’s dance with his mother.

Then Pistol Pete showed up and cut a rug! That cowboy can dance!

This moment cracked me up. No sooner did he catch the garter, but he ran into the crowd and gave his girlfriend a big old kiss! =) Style points for wearing it on his head, of course.

While the happy couple roams the reception hall greeting guests, It’s fun to capture detail shots like these. The dress was beautiful!

Sean & Laci were dancing and I just happened to capture this moment when another guest’s camera flash went off, providing some cool lighting from behind them.

Congrats, Sean & Laci! It was a pleasure and an honor to capture the details, moments and emotion from your big day in photos!

Now it’s off to bed! 2:40AM and we have a big day tomorrow… Driving up to Tulsa to photography a newborn baby for our good friends David and Alyson Frederick. Congrats guys! Can’t wait to meet Alayna!

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