Wedding Photography :: Only So Many Weekends in the Year!

I’m really excited about a little technological time-saver I got in place today. Visual voice mail and on-computer text messaging!
I’ve been using‘s free services for a while now, and love receiving voice mails transcribed into text messages. Granted, they’re abbreviated and sometimes really off in the transcription since it’s all computerized, but it’s getting better and I can normally get a good idea of what the call is about and can call them back without even having to listen to the message.

But had never taken advantage of their online contact list feature and online text messaging options until today.

We often get wedding photography inquiries for dates we already have booked and are unavailable for. Instead of just telling the inquiring bride that we’re sorry that we’re unavailable, we can actually text a few close photographer friends to see if any of them are available on that date. Within a few minutes they’ve replied and then we can actually refer the inquiring bride to a couple of photographers who we know are free on that date, saving them lots of time hunting around and calling around to other photographers!

So, if you’re a bride with a date in mind, give us a call and we’ll help however we can! =)

If you are like me and don’t really particularly like to type out text messages on your phone, you might really like callwave’s services. Check it out!

** Caveat :: Looks like the free service I subscribed to isn’t being promoted on their site. They obviously still offer it since I’m not paying for it, but you may have to hunt around for it or contact them to inquire how to take advantage of it. If you take the time to figure it out, drop me a line and let me know so I can pass it along!

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