Trying not to get too excited

We got a call early this morning from a Mr. Smith. Seriously. And he said he has one of our bags, โ€” our larger rolling bag that contained the majority of our equipment and two of our memory cards.

It was an unusual call to say the least but heโ€™s offering to return the bag tonight after he gets off of work. Again itโ€™s just one of the bags and half of the memory cards, but itโ€™s still so hopeful and promising. Weโ€™re just praying now that the other bag โ€” a smaller back-pack type sling bag โ€” makes itโ€™s way back to us, too, somehow.

I just wanted to keep everyone posted so youโ€™d know how to continue to pray. Miracles do happenโ€ฆ I know itโ€™s a little early and weโ€™re trying hard not to get too excited, but weโ€™re hopeful.

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