Doctor’s Portraits, and Surviving the Weather

Oklahoma still feels like the frontier in at least one regard: the weather. It’s untameable, unpredictable and full of awesome surprises. (Awesome in the true sense of the word.) After yesterday’s day-long torrential downpour, today we’re experiencing flash-flooding and high winds! (Higher winds than normal, that is =) Certainly keeps life exciting around here.

Today started out bright and early with a session over at St. Anthony hospital. I love working with the staff there… Always so friendly and nice!

This is Dr. Cassidy in one of their new radiology rooms.

And the new landscaping across the street from the main hospital! It’s beautiful and I love the sound of the water.

That’s it for now. It’s nice to start getting caught up from the last couple of weeks of craziness. =) Slowly, but surely… Now it’s time to wrap up and get headed to our engagement session this evening! I’m really excited about this one since it looks as if I’ll be doing their destination wedding photography for them later this year on the beach at Destin, Florida. Can’t wait to post some of those on our blog and as samples on our galleries!!

Okay, this is not a joke — the wind is so strong, we’re losing power around town! Ours just flickered off and I discovered by UPS backup system is not working as well as it should. I’m off to buy a better UPS (uninterruptible power supply). Take care!

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