Kyeโ€™s Senior Portraits

I have just a few minutes to post some images, but probably not enough time to provide much witty dialog to go along with it. =)

Here are a few favorites from Kyeโ€™s session.

I like the โ€œnoirโ€ look of this one.

I couldnโ€™t believe Kye could do this in dress shoes! This is where 10 frames per second comes in handy. =)

Just walking downtown. Pretty cool sun flare.

Nice wheels!

If you know Kye, you can see the rest of his gallery here by typing in his last name as the password.

Well, thanks for stopping by for the latest news and images from Prints Charming Photography! More to come soonโ€ฆ With love, ~C&H;

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