It keeps coming…

Okay, one more update… After crunching the recovery software for hours last night (while we were sleeping), we were able to recover the several hundred photos that had been formatted off of the card by the bad guys!!! This is just a beautiful ending to a most stressful and trying week and I want to again thank everyone for their prayers and love and support through it all.

As icing on the cake, the detective called me this afternoon and told me I could come down to the station to pick up my 2nd camera bag, pistol and extra magazines! They had all miraculously been recovered as well just this morning. How unbelievable is that.

The detective told me in his years of service, it’s probably the first time he’s ever seen everything come back like this and he was pretty amazed. I attribute it all to a loving Heavenly Father who heard our earnest prayers and in His mercy saw fit to give this whole ordeal a very happy ending after all. He worked on the heart of the guy who called me yesterday and gave him the grace to do the right thing and return it even when he didn’t have to and when it might have cost him dearly to do so. What a faith booster! I wouldn’t want to relive any of these days, but now that it’s all over I can start to see how it’s been good for us.

It was also a good reminder to us that success is from God and despite our best efforts, all good things are from above. That’s both humbling and reassuring at the same time to me and I hope I remember this for a good long time. No need to relearn these kinds of lessons on a frequent basis! =)

It’s time to notify the media for a follow-up. I hope we can communicate everything to give God the glory. And I hope it doesn’t take another entire week to deal with all of the media, new insurance issues and paperwork associated with having stolen property recovered! We’re so far behind that it almost hurts. =)

I guess if you’re in the habit now of praying for us, you could pray that we catch up and get everything organized again! We’re going to be prayer-hogs now that we’ve seen the power of prayer. Thank you guys so much for loving and caring for us enough to follow the story, offer your help and (most importantly) pray for us!

Much love,

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