Check the News Tonight! – Updated 10:45PM

Quick update, looks like the story with surveillance videos, etc. will be aired as follows:

Channel 4 News at 5PM
*Channel 5 News at 6PM
Channel 9 News at 10PM
**Channel 25 at 11:30?PM

This all really depends on any other breaking stories, too, so please, everybody, let’s make it just a normal day around OKC so we can get some air time for this heart-breaking story. Also, please tell your friends about this if at all possible! Someone out there can identify these guys and will be rewarded for information leading to the recovery of the images!

We’re thanking God for the excellent coverage on the story and really good surveillance footage, I hear. So someone is bound to recognize the suspects and help us make progress on recovering the photos. Everybody has been so understanding and compassionate about it and willing to help spread the word. Please pray with us that we recover those images!

**Here are images of the suspects from video surveillance at Wal-Mart in Moore, around 4AM Monday morning.

* Updated 10:45pm
** Updated 12:15am

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