Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying Valentines Day. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to enjoy candy all day. =)

I managed to think ahead this year and avoid the long line of suckers paying $100/dozen for roses. I’ve worked with Rebecca’s Silver Rose on two or three occasions now and have always been impressed with her cheerful attitude and quality flowers, so I was delighted to hear she was delivering roses for Valentines Day. Here’s a quick picture I took a moment ago of the Black Magic roses she did for me (for Holly).

Roses_0665-745278 Happy Valentine's Day! Our Life
Isn’t that purple heart-shaped thingy cool? (Right in the middle). I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s a real living flower/plant! Yeah, I’m not impressing any botanists and florists out there with my descriptions…

Holly said it’s the nicest arrangement she’s ever had! So, very well done, Rebecca! Thanks for making me look good. And any brides out there wanting to look good, consider Rebecca for your wedding flowers and arrangements! You can see more on her website if you’re interested. Just a little plug out of gratitude… Thanks again, Rebecca!

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