Great Customer Service Experiences

We’re finally all set up with credit card processing on our sweet new proofing system by Luckity Pixel! As of early January, ’08, we moved to a new self-hosted proofing solution that allows us a lot more control over orders, quality, and what we offer for sale on our proofing site. It’s been a huge project that’s taken probably hundreds of hours of work, but it’s been worth it I am very happy to say. Luckity Pixel’s customer service and support throughout the entire process has been fantastic.

If you’re a photographer looking for a good proofing/ordering solution, don’t overlook PickPic. You can see how ours looks here if you’re interested.

I had another really impressive customer service experience recently that I wanted to pass on to you as well… As you can imagine, we go through hundreds of batteries every year. Or at least we used to! A couple of years ago we invested in some PowerEx rechargeable AA batteries and a sweet digital analyzer/recharger/reconditioner from Maha company. Photographers out there, you will love these batteries! They recycle faster and last longer than any Lithium AA batteries out there, they’re lighter, and you can recharge them like 1000 times.

Anyway, I was having trouble reconditioning them after a full season of regular charges, so I contacted Maha and told them the symptoms. Without requesting any personal information (i.e. credit card, order number, etc.), the representative told me he would ship out a new one and send a UPS call tag for me to use to return the defective one.

Wow, I was blown away! Sure enough, when the new charger arrived, it reconditioned the batteries just fine. So I packed up the old one and sent it back. What a refreshing experience to deal with a company that was so trusting and quickly did whatever needed to be done to fix the problem!

Seriously, experiences like that are what make me (and you) tell all of our friends about the company/product and it inspired me to be sure to always treat our own customers to the same extraordinary level of service.

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