We're *on* the Yellow Pages =)

I hope 2008 has been going well for you! I really thought weโ€™d have slowed down enough by now to be taking lots of time off to relax and enjoy the girls, the newspaper, blogs, cable and update the photos on our website, but weโ€™re still really busy!

The last few days of nice weather have given us the opportunity to do several photo sessions, so itโ€™s really been encouraging to have a good amount of business even during what should be our slow season.

We had a small, pleasant surprise recentlyโ€ฆ One of our photos made it to the cover of the AT&T; Edmond/Guthrie Yellow Pages! Iโ€™m not sure how many people still actually use the Yellow Pages, but weโ€™re honored to have our company noted right there on the cover.

We did a whole set of Edmond photos for the Chamber to use in an upcoming member directory, and our friends at the Chamber told us that theyโ€™re being requested for use all the time.

The next best thing after making a nice photograph has to be knowing that the customers love them and are using them a lot. =)

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