The Wedge, take 2

Tonight was date night, after our shoot at the Adams’ home. (What a beautiful home!) Ever since I ate at The Wedge several weeks ago I’ve been wanting to take Holly there and tonight was the perfect opportunity.

I have two favorites there…

The Italian Stalion pizza with the addition of capers and prosciutto is absolutely amazing. You can definitely taste the freshness of their pizzas. Everything is made fresh on location, unbelievably.

My second new favorite is their gelato. Oh my goodness… I didn’t really feel like eating dessert after polishing off an entire flatbread appetizer and most of a pizza, but the waiter decided to give us “just a taste” of their delicious mocha caramel crunch gelato. Words can hardly describe… The “taste” was actually a good-sized bowl and it was SO good that I couldn’t stop tasting it. I cleaned the bowl off nicely. =)

So, there you have my latest recommendations! I think it’s great that gelato is mainstreaming. Even Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler has gelato now (the one near The Village on… is it Britton?). I used to be a huge frozen custard fan, but I may like gelato even better now. Especially after a treat like we had at The Wedge tonight.

Anyway, I know it’s completely off the subject of photography, but it’s fun to talk about other random things sometimes.

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