Ed Pierce Seminar Coming to OKC Again… Finally!

Hey, everyone… Hope you’re having a great Friday!

I know that we have some aspiring photographers who keep up with our blog, so I thought I’d pass along some info that might just change your life as it relates to photography.

Holly and I went to a PhotoVision seminar a few years ago and it really helped us make a big leap from where we were to a higher level of photography, so we’re always excited to let people know about his seminars and training materials.

Here’s a link to his newest seminars: Captivated by the Light. I’m sure it promises to be a good one and Holly & I both plan to attend, along with several photographer friends. You can’t beat the price of $49 (there are promo codes out there to reduce the cost even more if you look for them) and he offers a lot of additional training material for sale at the trade show there, too. The OKC date is Feb. 11 at 6:30pm.

If you make it, please look for us and say hello. Hope to see you there! Hey, if you’d be interested in grabbing a bite to eat before the seminar, let us know! Don’t go hungry, you won’t enjoy it. =)

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