We’re Powerless and Iced In!

Well, folks, we’ve been iced in without power since yesterday! I just heard on the radio that 1/3rd of the entire state is without electricity — more than half a million people!

Thankfully, when we built our house, we put in gas hot water a gas stove-top and a gas log-lighter fireplace or we’d be in real trouble! =) We knew Oklahoma’s ice storms regularly interrupt electric services, so we thought it would be a worthwhile investment.

It was kinda fun last night camping around the fireplace and going to bed early. By the wee hours of the morning, though, it was getting tiresome that Storie kept waking up and crying every time I had to get up to put restock the fireplace. Just having to get up every two hours to restock the fireplace kinda gets in the way of a good night’s sleep, but it did feel like an adventure… Like living out on the frontier or something. =)

So, after a hot shower in the dark this morning, I headed over to my local coffee shop to update you on our situation and to let everyone know that we’re going to be a day or two delayed on any projects we had in the pipeline for you.

I do have seven proof booklets that arrived in the mail last night, so I’ll be mailing those out today, along with some wallets for Emily (in case you’re reading this, Emily! =).

Now it’s time to make calls and return emails since they’ve been piling up for a day. Be safe!

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