Website Hosting with Westhost

If you’ve sent us an email in the last 2 days and haven’t heard back from us, please resend it or give us a call!

I noticed that we had another issue this morning with our web hosting company, Westhost. It was the 2nd day in a row that when I got up, our site wasn’t online. Strange! Not good for business, either, I might add. =) I contacted them about it and they apparently have someone trying to use too much RAM on the same server we’re on and it’s causing it to crash.

Our stats have bottomed out for the past 2 days and I haven’t had as much email as normal, either, so I’m thinking we’ve had a lot of customers unable to reach us online and by email. Please give it another shot if you haven’t heard back from us. We’d love the opportunity to help.

Hopefully I’ll hear back soon from Westhost. I requested they move me to a different, more stable server until they figure out the problem. I’ve heard a lot of great things about them, but haven’t had a stellar experience so far.

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