The Perfect Ring-Tone?

Okay, a totally random blog subject, I know, but it’s really late and I was lying in bed thinking about it, so here’s my random blog post for the week! Not photography-related at all, but cell phones are a huge part of just about everyone’s lives these days.

I thought I’d found the perfect ring-tone for my cell phone a few months ago. I recorded my own voice starting out in just a whisper and working my way up to an irritating “HEY, MAN, YOUR PHONE’S RINGING!!” Well, besides irritating Holly to no end, I was totally embarrassed when it went off in my bag one day and I couldn’t find it quickly enough to silence it.

So, I’ve changed it.

My ring now starts off with a quiet clearing of the throat and works it’s way up to a pretty loud cough. The cool thing about this ring is that I can tell it’s my cough immediately but nobody else even seems to bat an eye or take any notice. I’ve even had it go off in the middle of the night and it doesn’t wake up Holly, but it wakes me up!

Anyhow… I thought that was pretty clever and that you might enjoy it or be able to use the idea in some way.

Do you have some kinda intuitive and creative like that to share? I’d love to hear it… leave a comment with the details!

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