Hooray for OG&E! Square Dance Celebrating!

You never really know how much you appreciate something until it’s gone. Last night the electricity came back on and I have a much greater appreciation for all of the amenities we take for granted every day.

I had stocked the fireplace and was cozying into my sleeping bag on the couch when everything flickered back to life after 2 days of being in the dark, so to speak. So, what did I do? Of course, I got up and promptly got busy until about 1AM. =) This power outage was a good reminder of how far off of a normal schedule we are, and we’re really inspired to try to bring ourselves back to a more reasonable schedule. The hours after the kids go to bed are always the most valuable to us, but we’ve probably let it get a little out of hand. =)

Anyway, we’re back to work and catching up on sessions and Christmas parties (they’re coming shortly, Bronco Drilling!).

I was forwarded a very funny e-card by Holly’s brother, featuring Holly and I and Holly’s parents. This may be your only chance ever to see us square dancing. And yes, that’s really us. No stunt doubles or body doubles. =)

Click on the picture to see the short animated card and create your own! Titus used faces from our last family picture. Titus, the copyright office said they will be contacting you later this morning. ;-)

Oh, and a reminder to all my fellow eggnog drinkers out there… It’s time to buy eggnog! Buy a big jug of it today and it won’t go bad until after the New Year. I’m the only one in the Sangree house who likes it, so half a gallon should last me a while. I love it in coffee instead of milk/cream. I’m getting more into the Christmas spirit with every cuppa!

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