Filming with the Legendary Titus Heard

The cold weather is starting to slow our photo sessions down, so we’re making headway on all of our retouching. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to blog more over the last couple of months! But when we get that busy, I figure that our customers would rather have their own pictures sooner than have to wait longer and see samples of everyone else’s in the mean time. =)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch Titus Heard in action filming a commercial about Oklahoma’s roads and bridges. I was actually an extra (part of the crowd) but I brought along my camera just in case I could catch a few moments for Titus that he might be able to use in his portfolio.

It was a beautiful day, though very cold. Here are a few that I quickly pulled together from it…

The man… the legend himself… Titus – directing. Pretty sweet camera crane, too.

Setting up angles for the next shot

“Alright… let’s have everyone in position!”

Thinking through the next shot

“Great job, folks! That’s a wrap!” This is where we all dash for our cars to warm up for a few minutes. You can see the size of the camera crane better in this shot, too. Must have been about 40 feet long, maybe more.

Thanks for sticking with us even though we haven’t been posting lots of interesting pictures in the last couple of months. I promise we have a TON to show you and now that we’re catching up we’ll have more time to go back through and post them (and update all of the pictures on our website, too!).

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