Wes & Serena: Destination Wedding

We had a really beautiful day to shoot Wes and Serenaโ€™s engagement portraits. I have a handful of other sessions still to retouch before I get to this one, but as I was looking through them these four caught my attention and I wanted to share them with you.

Since Wes is a pilot, and since theyโ€™re having a destination wedding in Florida next year, what better place to get some great engagement photos than at the airport next to Wesโ€™s favorite super-sporty Cirrus airplane?

At one point in the session, I was laughing because Serena & Wes were talking about the plane like any other couple would be talking about a family car. Serena wasnโ€™t sure it would hold all of the kids comfortably, with gear, etc. Iโ€™m not much of an airplane aficionado, but Wes told me later that this Cirrus is like the sports-coupe of airplanes, so thereโ€™s no way 3 kids will fit in the back.

Wes and Serena, thanks for a fun, unique photo session! Iโ€™ll be retouching your photos right after Thanksgiving so youโ€™ll be seeing the rest of them soon!


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