Thanksgiving Holidays

Hi, everyone!! We’re back from several days away from the computer (and phone, too… there’s a story…) and we had a wonderful time with Holly’s family over the super-long weekend. Holly’s brother Micah was in town briefly courtesy of the Air Force, and we packed in weeks’ worth of fun in just a few days.

No turkey was eaten at all this year… Holly’s dad suggested steak and everyone wanted to take him up on it, and we’re sure glad we did. I think it was his best batch ever and we had no trouble eating steak with eggs for breakfast and leftovers for lunch and dinner! =) Funny, but I think we could all get used to that new tradition.

I’m pretty sure the pilgrims wanted steak for the first Thanksgiving ever, but they couldn’t risk losing their milk cow, so they settled for turkey.

Anyway, on Saturday afternoon, we decided to all go out and watch a movie down at Harkins Bricktown Cinema. I responsibly and courteously turned my phone on silent and then proceeded to lose it while the movie was playing! I think the B.O. wafting down from someone in the row behind us must have distracted me, because I didn’t even notice until I got home and couldn’t find it. I frantically called it and searched everywhere, but to no avail. I even called the theater and had them search the seats we were in, but nothing turned up, so I temporarily suspended my cell phone service so nobody could use it.

Well, if you ever lose anything at Harkins, you may want to keep in mind that there’s a hidden tray between each seat that catches fallen stuff. I saw more quarters and candy wrappers than you could imagine could ever fall between seats. =) After searching with a flashlight at like 2:10AM, we finally found it in one of those trays full of wrappers and trash next to the seat I was sitting in.

Whew! What a relief! T-Mobile was great to work with throughout the entire process and they had the phone’s service restored immediately after I found it.

Anyway, if you tried calling late on Saturday and got a funny message from T-Mobile, that’s the story.

Hope your Thanksgiving was just as enjoyable as ours and as filled with love and family!

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