Technorati and a Picture of Storie

So I had this idea to submit our blog to Technorati for inclusion in their daily listing of blogs about certain subjects. Art and Photography are both subjects they cover, so we’ll see what happens!

To get the ball rolling, I need to post this link to our Technorati Profile, which, incidentally, has not yet been set up.

If you’ve never heard of Technorati, it’s worth checking out!



Okay, we’re set up, but it would help if everyone would click on the following link so Technorati knows that we actually have readers! (All 5 of you, you know who you are… =)

Here’s the link:

Add to Technorati Favorites

I’m not going to lie to you, if you don’t have a Technorati account, they’re going to ask you to come up with a username and password (it’s free) so it’s not just a one-click deal, but it’s not painful if you decide Technorati looks cool and you’d be interested in checking it out anyway.

Okay, and no post is complete without a photo. Here’s one that Holly did of our youngest, Storie, recently. You have to love Canon… We had the camera set at 1600 ISO accidentally when we should have had it at maybe 400 ISO. With the Nikon D200 we used to have this picture would have been unusable. But due to Canon’s masterful high ISO functionality, there’s no noticeable digital noise (or grain) even at that high ISO. Pretty awesome!

Okay, I’m powerless to resist. I can’t post just one picture of her. We’ll start with her most flattering pose…

Oh man, I can already tell I’m in for it. I mean, look at these eyes!

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