Brock & Alisha’s Proposal/Engagement

I recently had the opportunity to photograph yet another cool couple actually GET engaged. Yep, yet another proposal/incognito engagement session! It’s such a cool idea and I’m always impressed at how many people actually think about doing this. The photos are always so meaningful and being able to see that moment in pictures for the rest of your life is just priceless. It’s one of those things that I really wish I had done for Holly and I when I proposed.

It started out in the park right next to the Civic Center downtown. You know, where they make the ice rink every winter. Brock brought his A-game with a beautiful picnic spread – so romantic!

Then, before Alisha had time to suspect anything, Brock was up on one knee with a ring in his hand! You can see that he did a great job of keeping it a surprise up until then since Alisha’s in a state of shock.

A downtown picnic!

All this time, I was hiding behind some statues. Actually, I had my camera peeking out from between a bronzed man’s legs. Alisha had looked my direction a few times, actually looking right at me, I thought. And then, when she bent one leg for this picture, it was just too perfect and I was pretty certain she must have spotted me.

They continued eating for just a few more minutes and then packed up and headed my direction. Alisha was totally shocked that I was there! So, she hadn’t spotted me after all. I was wearing my undercover disguise… An floppy hat in my best attempt to look like an Asian tourist so my camera would go unnoticed. =)

Then we headed down to Bricktown and got some great engagement portraits together.

Amtrak was meaningful to them since they had recently taken a trip down to TX on the Heartland Flyer together. Any time we can incorporate something meaningful like that into the photo session, I’m all for it!

These are my favorites from the session. Playing in the fountains!

Brock splashes Alisha

Alisha gets him back

Thanks, Brock & Alisha, for being so fun to work with and for allowing me to capture your most special day! I’m always so grateful to be able to work wish such cool and fun couples.

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