Brock & Alishaโ€™s Proposal/Engagement Session

I can hardly wait to share the pictures from my most recent proposal session, but itโ€™s so late I can barely keep my eyes open.

Brock & Alisha, Iโ€™m uploading them now to proof them online, so they should be online for you and ready to see sometime tomorrow morning. In the mean time, hereโ€™s my favorite sequence of pictures from the sessionโ€ฆ

In case the pictures werenโ€™t actually worth 1000 words: 1) Alisha calls Brock over in her most (tricky) subtle and inviting way. 2) Brock falls for it (humors Alisha) and takes a closer look. 3) Alisha moves her foot and Brock jumps away just in the nick of time before getting soaked. =)

Check back tomorrow for a bunch of the cool pictures we got from this session. Iโ€™m heading to bed!

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