Baby Jantz & Family

Michelle is one of those rare individuals who can make anyone feel comfortable and who makes me feel like a gifted comedian. Thanks for getting my odd sense of humor and corny jokes, Michelle! =)

We had a great time today getting some relaxed and fun family portraits including the newest addition, baby Jantz! After a lengthy and valiant attempt by the rest of the kids, we finally coaxed a few brief smiles out of him. I don’t know how he could resist… my cheeks hurt after smiling so much at his older siblings trying to amuse him.

Here are two photos that caught my eye from the session. Thought I’d do some quick editing and test Holly’s patience since it’s long after bedtime. (Sorry, Hon! I couldn’t resist the terrible pull of the computer…)

Adams_3137 Baby Jantz & Family Families Children Newborns
Adams_3065 Baby Jantz & Family Families Children Newborns
Okay, and now it really is time for bed. =)