Saturday’s Wedding – Lydia & Jake

This may just be the longest post to date on our blog, but we have a ton of great photos from Saturday’s wedding and we’re so excited to share them. I think we narrowed them down to around 30 to blog about. =)

Lydia and Jake had a storybook wedding from the grand sanctuary of St. John’s to the country-club reception at River Oaks and we were really honored to be there handling the photography!

We started out at Lydia’s apartment with some fun getting-ready shots of the girls in the wedding party.

The guys’ boutonnières were pretty incredible and sported a peacock feather

Seeing each other for the first time

Peacock feathers adorned the church decorations as well

I like this shot Holly managed to sneak between people as they signed the marriage license

We had time before the ceremony to get some nice pictures out on the golf course

Jake and Lydia had a hard time keeping straight faces long enough for the shot above. Here’s how they ended up looking. Great smiles, guys! The proper wedding day expression: glee!

This was probably one of the most unique cakes I’ve ever seen! Jake and his buddies love to fish, so the what better idea for a groom’s cake?! It was even outfit with lures as you’ll see below…

Party favors! These make an appearance again as Jake and Lydia left for the night. In the absence of confetti, jellybeans will do! [ouch!] =)

Jake mingling with guests and having a great time

I like this shot of Jake pouring Lydia a glass of champagne

The reception decorations also featured peacock feathers. Don’t worry, no peacocks were hurt in the making of this w
edding. They were definitely annoyed with the plucking, but I think peacocks enjoy that kind of humor.

First dance

I loved the atmosphere out on the patio at the country club. The lighting was really cool and made it feel very festive.

Nobody had any fun dancing that night, as you can tell. Here’s Lydia’s younger sister having a great time.

And Lydia’s younger brother dancing as well

Even this little guy couldn’t help but dance when his mom helped him to stand. You should have seen him bounce to the music!

The father of the groom got out there to show a few good old-school moves

These two guys enjoyed dancing with the bride until one of them spotted me on the floor and came over to jump on me. =)

Heartfelt goodbyes as the reception draws to an end

Okay, here’s where those jellybeans come back into play. Check out the air filled with pelted jellybeans!!!

Poor Lydia getting them right in the face!

Lydia and Jake, have a great honeymoon! Thanks so much for having us! We were really honored to be there to help capture those special moments.

Family and friends, to see the rest of the pictures, click here.

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