Holiday Weekends…

I love holiday weekends! I’m already stoked for football season starting up tomorrow and taking Monday off. What a great way to start September!

I’m also hopped up on caffeine since we had Holly’s brothers over for dinner and to watch “Blades of Glory” (which explains why I’m still up instead of in bed like everyone else here!). Ever since I switched over to decaf coffee (or sometimes “half-caf”), I can tell that Dr. Pepper actually affects me more than it ever used to. Oh well, I’m putting that energy to good use, and I’ve developed a little framing action that I think I like for our blog pictures. Just gives them that little extra to make them look a bit more professional, being framed.

Here’s an example from a shoot I did on Thursday night over at Expressions Church. They have teamed up with Providence Church (where we’ve been attending) and are hosting free Thursday night college events there at the church including pizza, drinks and other snacks! It seemed to be a huge hit and was a lot of fun despite that I had to leave before it was over.

There was great music…

IMG_8647-725927 Holiday Weekends... Commercial Our Life
IMG_8653-725975 Holiday Weekends... Commercial Our Life

…a great message…

IMG_8673-710766 Holiday Weekends... Commercial Our Life

…and lots and lots of pizza!

IMG_8685-710819 Holiday Weekends... Commercial Our Life
You can learn more about the weekly event at – it’s a pretty cool website!

For you photographers out there… All of those pictures were shot available light at 3200 ISO, 1/15″ handholding my new 1D MarkIII, without any Photoshop retouching or noise reduction at all. What a great camera! Hardly any digital noise even at that incredible film speed setting.