Tax-Free Weekend

Today marks the beginning of the “back-to-school” tax-free weekend, Oklahoma’s first. Until now, people drove 100 miles down to Dallas to save a few dollars in tax. =) But that’s beside the point…

I just noticed in the paper that included in the short list of tax-free items is wedding apparel! That’s right. Not sure why it’s lumped into “back-to-school” when stationery, paper, writing instruments and office supplies are not included (that’s not a joke, I’m serious!), but if it can save brides a few hundred dollars in sales tax on their dream wedding dress, then that’s great!

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew about it! For more information, you can see the NewsOK article on it here.

Some other funny things that are on the list: steel-toe boots, diapers and baby blankets. Three things every student should stock up on before heading back to the classrooms. =)

Also in the news, Prints Charming Photography has changed their site’s music selection just a little bit. Would love to hear what our viewers think about it! Starts out with an old Al Green song “Let’s Stay Together” that Holly and I really like.

Have a great weekend!

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