We're Back!

After a grand finale at Whitewater yesterday, weโ€™re finally back from our vacation visiting my family up in Pennsylvania. We had a great time, but itโ€™s always nice to be back home.

I had a sampling from two recent sessions that I wanted to post while I was out, but our internet access was pitiful (along with our cell phone coverage) so I wasnโ€™t able to. So, after some delay, here are a few pictures from sessions we did right before we left.

These pictures were from a session we did for a bride and groom who werenโ€™t really happy with the wedding pictures they got with another photographer. A lot happens on a wedding day and itโ€™s easy to overlook otherwise obvious details with so much going on and the other photographer somehow didnโ€™t get any pictures of the happy couple by themselves on the wedding day. So, they contacted us to see if we could help them out with some pictures like that; and, of course, we were happy to. =)

Thanks for stopping by to check out our blogโ€ฆ Happy Monday! Hope itโ€™s a great week for you.

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