The Pope’s Family Portraits

We always feel really honored when our customers drive so very far to come have their pictures taken. I guess we’ve known the Pope’s for going on two years now, since we did Meredith’s senior portraits and they’re a really great family. I think if we ever decide we have to move somewhere, we’re going to have to consider Altus… there are just so many really nice people down there. Maybe it’s due to Zane and Kandy Newton, the youth ministry leaders down there who have been at it for over 20 years and making a huge impact on the kids’ lives. It’s funny, we’ve only met Zane and Kandy a few times, but we feel like they’ve impacted our lives, too.

Here are a few favorites from last night’s session with the Pope family! Feel free to copy any of these that you’d like for your Facebook or MySpace accounts. (No printing, of course. =)

Mom and Dad… So sweet! I told them this looks like a picture that you’d see on the back of a book… “About the authors…” =)

The girls!

The guys!

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